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Buying Bitcoin Without Internet

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The internet has been around for a long time now. It has become a part of everyday life. From banking to socializing and everything else in between. The Bitcoin blockchain is accessed through the internet. This allows you to make transactions to and from anywhere in the world to anyone else that has an internet connection. But what if you cannot access the internet in your area or the internet goes down for a long period of time? Can you still access your bitcoin? Yes, you can. According to GoTenna and Blocksat, you can send and receive bitcoin transactions using their decentralized mesh network if you do not have an internet connection. Let’s take a look at this option and see how you can prepare yourself in case the internet goes down in your area.

Mesh Network

A mesh network happens when multiple devices are connected together that can transfer information to and from one another or anyone else connected to the same network. Mesh networks can also connect to other networks giving them the ability to spread out like a web. The larger the web is, the more powerful and secure the mesh becomes.

GoTenna Mesh

GoTenna has developed a device that connects you to other GoTenna devices in your area and allows you to make bitcoin transactions without having an internet connection on your end. Each device has about a 4mi range and can connect you to any other GoTenna device within a 4mi radius. From there, you can connect to all the other devices connected to them and so on. At least one person in your mesh must have an internet or satellite connection in order for the transaction to complete.

Blockstream And Blocksat

Blockstream is a satellite that broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain. With a satellite dish, receiver, and laptop, you can use the Blocksat software to access the Bitcoin blockchain directly to make transactions or run a full node. This allows you to access the blockchain from anywhere in the world without any type of internet connection.

GoTenna And Blocksat

GoTenna has joined up with Blocksat to develop the TxTenna network. TxTenna users will be able to use their GoTenna devices to access the Blockstream satellite the same way they are able to connect to the internet through somebody else on the network that is connected through the Blocksat software.


Being able to access your money in times of uncertainty is going to be very important. This is not an advertisement for GoTenna or Blocksat. This is letting you know that there are options that can keep you connected with your finances if access to the internet goes away or you live in areas where connections were impossible before.






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