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Bitcoin Ledger Nano X Wallet

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Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet

One of the biggest concerns for Bitcoin investors is keeping their wealth secure from being stolen from them. A hardware wallet puts full isolation between your private keys and computer or smartphone making it one of the most secure ways to protect your funds as opposed to software and desktop wallets that are constantly connected to the internet. The Ledger Nano X has been voted number one overall in popularity and for good reasons. It is small and compact with a metal shield making it very durable and with Bluetooth functionality, it is easy to connect and use.


In 2019 the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) gave the Nano X a First Level Security Certificate (CSPN) after an evaluation of their firewall, authentication, identification, and embedded software. These areas passed multiple attack scenarios and currently, only the Ledger Nano S and Nano X have received this certification. The Nano X contains two processor chips for an added layer of security.

  • The Secure Element chip is independently certified to store the private keys and sign transactions. These secure elements are separate pieces of hardware that have limited functionality and cannot be breached by hackers so if you happen to be connected to a compromised device like a hacked phone or laptop, the private keys are not compromised.
  • The Ledger’s Operating System chip is responsible for Ledger’s proprietary Operating System that handles connections to external devices and ensures that addresses are displayed properly.

The Nano X is passphrase protected in addition to a primary PIN code. Secondary PIN codes and passphrases can be used to store smaller amounts of coins on different accounts in case a thief demands you to unlock your device. They will only be able to see and access the smaller amount while keeping the bulk of your assets hidden.

Design And Use

The Nano X is about the size of a flash drive with a metal sheath that covers it when folded for added protection from damage if something should fall on it or dropped. The sleek design has an easy to read screen with a two-button interface that can seem tedious at times when entering recovery phrases but more buttons would make the device larger and it seems the small size is appealing to its customers. Ledger Live is Ledgers native application that allows you to access your cryptocurrency accounts when connected to other devices like computers and smartphones and the Nano X supports over 1100 different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and ERC-20. It has a 2MB memory that can hold between 75 and 100 apps at one time and is supported by Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. And with BlueTooth built-in, you can easily switch from one device to another without having to bother with changing cords.

As with any product, do your research to make sure it is the right device for you. Read their reviews and watch videos to learn how to use the device and the programs associated with it. Learning the hard way can result in the loss of your funds.








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