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Bitcoin Is For Everyone

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Bitcoin Is For Everyone

Bitcoin was invented to be what is called a “trustless system” and does not use a central entity like a bank or government to oversee the transactions. This means everyone involved does not need to know or trust one another for the system to work. Individuals can make transactions to one another in a “peer-to-peer” or “one-on-one” manner. The transactions are confirmed and recorded on a public ledger. Since anyone can access the ledger, this makes it transparent and available for everyone to use anywhere in the world.

Why Is Bitcoin For Everyone?

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Bitcoin is the right investment.

  1. Bitcoin does not care where you are from. If you have an internet connection, you can buy and store it.
  2. It is not produced, distributed, or controlled by any banks or governments. Bitcoin can never be used as leverage because it has no ties to any certain political party or organization.
  3. Bitcoin cannot be inflated because after 21 million are made, there will never be any more produced. The amount of fiat currencies change as countries can print as much as they want.
  4. Banknotes can be seized or made worthless by governments while Bitcoin is digital and backed by a worldwide network that does not follow the rules of traditional currencies.
  5. Bitcoin offers transaction freedom by eliminating third-party intervention. Banks are not needed as transactions are done on a peer to peer basis.

Bitcoin gives everyone the freedom to have total control of your wealth privately no matter where you live without having to deal with banks or governments. It is a great store of wealth for people that live in countries with volatile economies.





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