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Bitcoin Gift Cards

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Spending Your Bitcoins On Gift Cards

Did you know that you can use your Bitcoins to purchase gift cards? Also, if you have gift cards that you have not used, you can exchange them for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Although you cannot shop on Overstock or Amazon directly with your Bitcoins, there is a longer but accessible way to do so. Bitcoin gift cards is the key term for exchanging Bitcoins for gift cards and vice versa. This process is very popular in the crypto world and there are hundreds of places to go to buy them. So, if you feel like spending some of your Bitcoins to go shopping or out to eat, here is a list of some of the top websites where you can purchase these gift cards.


  • WeGift is a company that is dedicated to gift card distribution. Coinbase, one of the top exchanges has partnered with WeGift and allows its customers to select their Coinbase wallet to purchase gift cards at discount prices from top companies like Nike, Uber, Adidas, and many more. There is only one catch, they require a $120 a month access fee to their platform. You will need to use this site often to offset your monthly fee.
  • Bitrefill is one of the top sites that not only lets you use your Bitcoin for gift cards, they also offer the ability to top your mobile phone or pay bills using Bitcoin regardless of where you are. Their services are available in 170 countries and supports more than 900 mobile operators.
  • Gyft is one of the largest leading platforms for managing your gift cards. Gyft allows you to buy, send, and redeem cards from almost any brand. Their payment process is simple, just pick a card and pay in Bitcoin. This platform has no fees and is certified with Digicert for all transactions.
  • Bidali is a site where you can earn $20 for every $1,000 of purchases that you bring using their referral program. This platform is a fast, secure, and simple way to spend your Bitcoin on mobile topups, goods, services, and even pay your TV and cable bills.
  • Purse is a slightly different type of site that allows users to set their own discounts when shopping on Amazon. They match shoppers with those who are looking to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin. There is also a Chrome extension that allows you to add your items to your cart right away and gives you a 33% discount on everything when you pay with Bitcoin.
  • If you are looking to trade your gift cards for Bitcoin, then CoinCola is a good option to look into. They accept Amazon, iTunes, Google, and other gift cards and connect you to people who want to trade their Bitcoin for them. Their platform is also set up for over the counter (OTC) crypto trading that helps its clients trade their local fiat currency in exchange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies no matter where they live.
  • eGifter is another highly popular site to buy gift cards with Bitcoin. They allow you to earn points for each Bitcoin spent that can be used for discounts on future purchases. They offer multiple payment options besides Bitcoin and they have zero fees for gift cards purchased with Bitcoin. This site does not allow its users to sell gift cards for Bitcoin.


The Federal Trade Commission has put out a bulletin warning Americans of an epidemic of gift card fraud. It is estimated that for every $1 billion spent on gift cards, $726,351 goes to scammers selling fraudulent cards. Be sure to read reviews and use trusted sites. Find out which sites have fraud protection where you can get reimbursed in case you get scammed.





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