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Proud to be among the growing number of women in crypto, I launched CryptoSoEz™ to be exactly that…crypto so easy. The plan is for anyone to grasp the basic concept and start using it. I admit a preference for Bitcoin, but try to give equal time to the concept of altcoins.



Pamela Alford
President & CEO
EMG Productions Inc

25 years of experience in graphic design, website design/development, and production. Pamela has produced (6) television series for national broadcast, over 500 corporate videos, over 2,500 product promos, and has built hundreds of websites and online SaaS platforms. Clients from around the world turn to EMG for unique solutions and custom platforms.

Author of Over The Open Fire cookbook, producer and co-host of the former outdoor cooking TV series, Campfire Cafe broadcast to over 40M households weekly.

Back in the day, before the Internet – yes, many of us remember it well – I was a private investigator. That experience served me as well to navigate the crypto-space. When I got involved in Bitcoin, there was a lot to learn, even for a webmaster. And there were a lot of scammers to vet, which gave some a bad-taste for crypto.

I have learned a lot, but this tech is emerging quickly, and it can be hard to keep up. This is especially true for non-tech-savvy newbies looking to invest. Most do not want to read reams of info or do their due diligence and that can be costly. The purpose of this site is to share what has been learned by me and my awesome team. You can dig deep or focus on the basics. Whatever your style, we hope the info shared will inform and inspire. Bitcoin is by far one of the more exciting things I’ve ever encountered, and I look forward to what the future brings. It is definitely worth putting the time in to learn things.

Team EMG

Our Awesome Team

James Hoke

James Hoke

Digital Marketing

These days you have to have a Rock-Star digital marketeer on your team to get ahead. From Google “juice” to social followers to press coverage and so much more, our success is driven by James’ expertise.

His passion for movies and cinema led to a successful career as a producer. He has worked on numerous film projects as managing member of Three Kings Productions and served as the co-founder and producer of the 2009 Hillary Duff movie What Goes Up.